Edgar Allan Poe “The Black Cat”


I’m uploading this post because I want you to read Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat”. It’s a short, ghost story that can be read easily, despite Poe’s ,often tiring, writing style.

aubrey_beardsley_-_edgar_poe_2(Illustration by : Aubrey Beardsley)

It’s not exactly a scary story but it’ll definetly give you the chills. It’s about a man and his cat, Pluto.

It’s not the “ghost” part of the story that’ll make you feel wierd, rather the narrator. It may be a short story but there is a big element of developement in it.

It is now my favourite ghost story.

(4/5 stars)

Thank you for reading this short post. I’ll talk to you later, bye!



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